Install ClockworkMod Recovery 6.0 On Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus users can install latest ClockworkMod recovery 6.0 on their deivice which will enable them to install custom ROMs. All thanks goes to ClockworkMod Developer Koushik Dutta for making it possible. In this post we will go through how to install ClockworkMod recovery 6.0 on Galaxy Nexus.

This guide is compatible only with GSM version of Galaxy Nexus.To know the model of your device go to Settings >> About Phone.

We cannot be held liable loss of data or any damage done to your device while following the below mentioned guide.

Install ClockworkMod recovery 6.0 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Take a complete backup of data,apps and settings.

Make sure that the battery of device has a minimum charge of 60%.

Install USB drivers for device from here.

Download ClockworkMod recovery 6.0 (maguro-touch-test-recovery.img) from here and Fastboot ( from here.

Extract “” C:\ drive on PC to get “Fastboot” folder and copy “maguro-touch-test-recovery.img” which you have downloded in earlier step also to “Fastboot folder” now.

Switch off device and now enter into fastboot mode. You can do that by holding down Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to enter fastboot mode.

Connect your device to computer using USB cable and open Command Prompt.

Type command “cd c:\Fastboot” and “fastboot devices” which will show the serial number of your device if drivers are installed properly on your device.

Now type the following command in command prompt “fastboot flash recovery maguro-touch-test-recovery.img” to install ClockworkMod recovery 6.0 and then type “fastboot reboot”.

ClockworkMod recovery 6.0 is installed on your Galaxy Nexus.


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